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Opt for high-quality facial care for radiant facial skin

Reasons for using personal care products on a daily basis
The daily use of high-quality products for facial care ensures, among other things, a radiant appearance and a clean skin feeling, protects the skin from environmental influences and slows down skin aging.

The basis for optimal facial care:
- Facial cleanser
- Day cream (with sun protection factor)
- Night cream
- Eye cream

Your facial skin can be supplemented with other products in addition to the base. For example serums, peelings or masks are well recommended.

Decision for the right care and cosmetics
Get professional advice when deciding on the right facial care and choose the care that suits your skin type the best.

Round off the complexion of your skin and choose a make-up that is tailored to your skin tone. It provides additional protection for your facial skin and an even complexion.

Use of various products for optimal facial cosmetics
- Moisturizing anti-aging day and night cream (day cream with SPF)
- Nourishing eye cream with vitamin C
- Stimulating serum for eyelashes and eyebrows
- Anti-Acne Enzyme Peeling
- Rejuvenating face mask, revitalizing mask
- Face wash gel
- Sugar peeling for lip care, lip balm
- Tinted sunscreen for the face
- Additional beauty tools such as anti-acne concealer, dermaroller for the induction of collagen
- Mattifying make-up

The various products from well-known manufacturers and brands such as AS-Skincare, Floslek, Organic Shop, NIQA offer you an assortment that is guaranteed to have something for your skin type.