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Decide on care products according to your skin type

When choosing skin care products, it is always recommended that you start with what skin type you are. Is your skin rather oily, dry or sensitive? Or would you describe your skin as normal or combination skin? On this basis you can decide on your optimal care.

Reasons to choose according to your skin type
For example, if you have predominantly dry skin, it is advisable to use care products that have been specially developed for this skin type. In this case, if you were to use products that are used for oily skin, certain areas of the face can change adversely, become oily or additionally dry out. You will therefore not achieve the desired result. Please transfer this example to your skin type and find out more about the skin types under the individual categories.

Deciding on the right care for your skin type
Under the respective sub-categories you will find the right care products that match the needs of your main type. Choose the care that best suits your skin type. Needed in particular sensitive skin E.g. additional sun protection or additional moisture.

With the various products from well-known manufacturers and brands such as AS-Skincare, Floslek, Organic Shop, NIQA, we offer you a range that is guaranteed to have something for your skin type.

So that you can get to know the entire range, you are welcome to look around in the areas of "Facial Care" or "Body Care", among other things. Choose your care products, pamper yourself and make sure that your skin stays healthy!